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December 13, 2012 Nebraska corn, Nebraska beef, Nebraska Ice?
So when researcher Xiao Cheng Zeng discovered a form of ice in 1996 that contracts rather than expands when it’s frozen at extremes of subnanoscale confinement, it only made sense to name it Nebraska Ice. ...


The Holland Computing Center (HCC) has significant resources in two locations: the Peter Kiewit Institute (PKI) at Omaha and the Schorr Center at UNL. Personnel are located in each location to assist users, engage students and researchers, and maintain systems.

HCC provides various services to researchers associated with any campus of the University of Nebraska system. Agreements are also in place with corporate and non-University researchers who share common interests or needs related to high performance computing resources. Tusker, a 40 TFlop supercomputer located in the PKI facility, is used by scientists and engineers to study topics such as nanoscale chemistry, subatomic physics, meteorology, crashworthiness, and artificial intelligence. Other resources with specific roles include Tusker for shared memory processing; Red for LHC grid computing. HCC resources are used by students for thesis work and several courses.

If you would like more information about the Holland Computing Center or you would like to request a tour of the facility, feel free to contact us. You may request an account by visiting our new users page.

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