Software Carpentry Workshop Setup

For Windows:


  1. Download Git for Windows 
  2. Run the installer, Click “Yes” if prompted to allow the program to make changes.

  3. Click “Next”

  4. Click “Next”

  5. Select “Use the Nano editor by default” and click “Next”

  6. Ensure “Use Git from the Windows Command Prompt” is selected and click “Next

  7. Click “Next”

  8. Ensure “Checkout Windows-style, commit Unix-style line endings” is selected and click “Next”

  9. Click “Next”

  10. Click “Install”

  11. Click “Finish”


image2018-8-6_11-16-17.png (image/png)
image2018-8-6_11-16-41.png (image/png)
image2018-8-6_11-17-16.png (image/png)
image2018-8-6_11-17-41.png (image/png)
image2018-8-6_11-18-8.png (image/png)
image2018-8-6_11-18-14.png (image/png)
image2018-8-6_11-18-55.png (image/png)
image2018-8-6_11-19-47.png (image/png)
image2018-8-6_11-20-40.png (image/png)
image2018-8-6_11-21-8.png (image/png)
image2018-8-6_11-21-25.png (image/png)
image2018-8-6_11-27-58.png (image/png)
image2018-8-6_11-29-23.png (image/png)