Data for UNMC Users Only

Sensitive and Protected Data

HCC currently has no storage that is suitable for HIPAA or other PID data sets.  Users are not permitted to store such data on HCC machines. Crane have a special directory, only for UNMC users. Please note that this filesystem is still not suitable for HIPAA or other PID data sets.

Transferring files to this machine from UNMC.

You will need to email us at to gain access to this machine. Once you do, you can sftp to and upload your files. Note that sftp is your only option. You may use different sftp utilities depending on your platform you are logging in from. Email us if you need help with this. Once you are logged in, you should be at /volumes/UNMC1ZFS/[group]/[username], or /home/[group]/[username]. Both are the same location and you will be allowed to write files there.

For Windows, learn more about logging in and uploading files here.

Using your uploaded files on Crane.

Using your uploaded files is easy. Just go to /shared/unmc1/[group]/[username] and your files will be in the same place. You may notice that the directory is not available at times. This is because the unmc1 directory is automounted. This means, if you try to go to the directory, it will show up. Just “cd” to /shared/unmc1/[group]/[username] and all of the files will be there.

If you have space requirements outside what is currently provided, please email and we will gladly discuss alternatives.