For Mac/Linux Users

Use of Duo two-factor authentication is required to access HCC resources.
Please see Setting up and Using Duo.

This quick start will help you configure your personal computer to work with the HCC supercomputers.

If you are running Windows, please use the quickstart For Windows Users.

Access to HCC Supercomputers

For Mac/Linux users, use the system program Terminal to access to the HCC supercomputers. In the Terminal prompt, type ssh <username> and the corresponding password to get access to the HCC cluster Crane. Note that <username> should be replaced by your HCC account username. If you do not have a HCC account, please contact a HCC specialist ( or go to To use the Rhino cluster, replace with with

$ ssh <username>
$ <password>

File Transferring with HCC Supercomputers

Using the SCP command

For Mac/Linux users, file transferring between your personal computer and the HCC supercomputers can be achieved through the command scp. Here we use Crane for example. The following commands should be executed from your computer. 

Uploading from local to remote

$ scp -r ./<folder name> <username><group name>/<username>

The above command line transfers a folder from the current directory (./) of the your computer to the $WORK directory of the HCC supercomputer, Crane. Note that you need to replace <group name> and <username> with your HCC group name and username. 

Downloading from remote to local

$ scp -r <username><group name>/<username>/<folder name> ./

The above command line transfers a folder from the $WORK directory of the HCC supercomputer, Crane, to the current directory (./) of the your computer.

Using Cyberduck

If you wish to use a GUI, be aware that not all programs will function correctly with Duo two-factor authentication.  Mac users are recommended to use Cyberduck. It is compatible with Duo, but a few settings need to be changed.

Under Preferences - General, change the default protocol to SFTP:

Under Preferences - Transfers, reuse the browser connection for file transfers.  This will avoid the need to reenter your password for every file transfer:

Finally, under Preferences - SFTP, set the file transfer method to SCP:

To add an HCC machine, in the bookmarks pane click the “+” icon:

Ensure the type of connection is SFTP.  Enter the hostname of the machine you wish to connect to (, in the Server field, and your HCC username in the Username field.  The Nickname field is arbitrary, so enter whatever you prefer.

After you add the bookmark, double-click it to connect.

Enter your HCC username and password in the dialog box that will appear and click Login.

A second login dialogue will now appear.  Notice the text has changed to say Duo two-factor.

Clear the Password field in the dialogue.  If you are using the Duo Mobile app, enter ‘1’ to have a push notification send to your phone or tablet.  If you are using a Yubikey, ensure the cursor is active in the Password field, and press the button on the Yubikey.

The login should complete and you can simply drag and drop files to or from the window.

If you run into issues with two-factor authentication, try the command below for a quick fix:

$ rm -rf ~/Library/ApplicationSupport/Cyberduck

Mac Tutorial Video

Linux Tutorial Video