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Holland Computing Center



HCC supports a diverse collection of hardware that is here as a campus resource, and anyone on campus is welcome to apply for an account on these machines.

Access to these resources is by default shared with the rest of the user community via various job schedulers. These policies may be found on the pages for the various resources. Alternatively, a user may buy into an existing resource, acquiring 'priority access'. Finally, several machines are available via Condor for opportunistic use. This will allow users almost immediate access, but the job is subject to preemption.

Click the 'New Users' link on the navigation bar to register now!

Don't know which cluster to use? Check out this webpage: Which Cluster to Use?


  • Crane - HCC's newest machine, Crane has 7232 Intel Xeon cores in 452 nodes with 64GB RAM per node.

  • Tusker - consists of 106 AMD Interlagos-based nodes (6784 cores) interconnected with Mellanox QDR Infiniband.

  • Sandhills - has 1440 AMD cores housed in 42 nodes with 128GB per node and 2 nodes with 256GB per node.

  • Red - This cluster is the resource for UNL's US CMS Tier-2 site. It consists of ~2500 Condor job slots and ~2 PB of raw storage.

  • Overview

    452 node Production-mode LINUX cluster
    Intel Xeon E5-2670 2.60GHz 2 CPU/16 cores per node
    64GB RAM per node
    QDR Infiniband
    ~1452 TB shared Lustre storatge
    ~1.8 TB local scratch per node
    106 node Production-mode LINUX cluster
    Opteron 6272 2.1GHz, 4 CPU/64 cores per node
    256GB RAM per node
    QDR Infiniband
    ~350 TB shared Lustre storage
    ~500GB local scratch per node
    44 Node Production-mode LINUX cluster
    1344 cores 2.2 GHz AMD Opteron 6128
    96 cores at 1.9GHz AMD Opteron 6168
    42 node with 128GB per node
    2 Nodes with 256GB per node
    QDR Infiniband
    Gigabit Ethernet
    ~1.5TB per node
    266 node Production-mode LINUX cluster
    40x Opteron 2261
    70x Opteron 2354
    43x Xeon E5520
    40x Xeon E5530
    ~2500 Condor job slots
    1.5-2GB RAM per job slot
    Gigabit Ethernet
    ~2 PB of raw storage space