Attic is the name of a storage system provided by HCC that is designed to reliably store data as a near-line archive. Users may access Attic through Globus Online transfer services.

As of January 2017, HCC offers substantially subsidized pricing on its Priority Access offerings by utilizing NRI funding, allowing us to offer Attic services for only $28/TB annually.

Reserve Attic Allocation

Attic Guidelines and Best Practices

Attic quota and disk usage

Attic disk usage statistics are written to a file in groups' attic paths called "disk_usage.txt." This file contains the quota and used space values for each group's attic allocation.

The file can be downloaded by pointing the Globus interface to Endpoint hcc#attic and Path /attic/groupname, where groupname is your group. The file listing should include the "disk_usage.txt" file.

The file can also be downloaded with sftp/scp at the /attic/groupname/disk_usage.txt path on any of HCC's transfer servers.

Attic Storage
$60 / TB Yearly
Now only $28 / TB Yearly
pro-rated to begin on the fiscal year, July 1
  • Unlimited Transfers
  • Unlimited Sharing
  • 1 Backup
  • 10 Gbps Connection

Compare with other services

Though not directly comparable due to additional features only found on HCC storage, compare these prices to other services:
Storage Nebraska Amazon S3 Google Cloud Google Drive Dropbox
1TB / year $60.00 $28.00 $282.60 $122.88 $99.99 $119.88 NA
10TB / year $600.00 $280.00 $2826.00 $1228.80 $599.88 $288.00 NA