Priority Access Pricing

Shared access to HCC resources is available at no charge to NU researchers, including UNK, UNL, UNMC, and UNO, subject to usage and data storage limitations. The pricing below refers to dedicated resources that may be reserved beyond what is available in the shared pool. For questions about shared vs. priority access, please contact

Annual Lease Pricing

Resource Subsidized Cost
Swan (56-core, 256GB) $2,969
Swan GPU Basic (pre V100/P100) $2,400
Swan GPU Advanced (V100/P100 or better) $3,600
Attic (1 TB) $28
Anvil (compute) $1,638
Anvil (storage, 1TB) $102

Last Updated: 09/11/2023

  • In brief: NU Researchers may obtain reserved resources at HCC on a subsidized basis according to the rates above.
  • Swan is HCC's newest and most powerful resource. Pricing information will be available in early July 2022.
  • Swan GPUs are leased on a first-come, first-served basis. HCC cannot guarantee leasing availability of all types of GPU resources at all times.
  • Attic is designed for users who need long-term storage for large amount of data.
  • Anvil is HCC's cloud machine; nodes and additional storage may be reserved.
  • Common is HCC's storage platform that is common, or mounted, to Crane and Swan.
  • Further questions may be sent to

Further details

HCC offers Priority Access on a cost-recovery basis to the HCC user community. Costs recovered include the purchase price plus a University approved $650/year administration fee per server. For storage this is implemented as a quota; for computing resources we utilize partitions in the SLURM scheduler. Only specific groups are allowed to submit jobs to a Priority Access partition. When otherwise idle, the broader HCC user community may use Priority Access resources, but the jobs are preempted when the resources are needed by the resource owners.

As of January 2017, HCC offers substantially subsidized pricing on its Priority Access offerings by utilizing NRI funding. HCC subsidizes new purchases by 5% of the already negotiated competitive bid price. This subsidy program also covers the annual administration fee as well as networking and infrastructure costs for the warrantied lifetime of the resource. Annual lease prices are also available that are subsidized by various amounts. This program is available to all University of Nebraska faculty and staff, and applies to equipment managed by HCC and housed at one of its data centers.