HCC Kickstart 2021

HCC Kickstart is a series of workshops that will give new users a hands-on introduction to accessing and using the high performance computing (HPC) resources provided by the Holland Computing Center (HCC). These lessons are tailored for beginners and require no previous experience.

When: September 13th - 17th from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

These workshops will be delivered remotely via Zoom.

Attendees will need a computer capable of an SSH connection as this workshop will feature plenty of hands-on practice.


Mon 9/13

Automating Tasks with the Linux Shell - Part One

An introduction of the Linux shell including how to navigate the file system and working with text files in a command line environment, such as that found on HCC clusters Crane and Rhino.

Tues 9/14

Automating Tasks with the Linux Shell - Part Two

Continue to learn about the power of automation using Linux as we explore the use of pipes and filters, loops and scripts to automate and streamline data analysis.

Wed 9/15

Introduction to High Performance Computing at HCC

Hear about what services HCC offers and what new exciting things are in the works. We will be talking about how to use HCC's supercomputer Crane to build and submit jobs using the SLURM scheduler for your own analyses.

Thurs 9/16

Running Applications and Data Management on Crane

Learn how to search and use applications from the extensive offerings on Crane and how to take advantage of high speed data transfers using Globus.

Fri 9/17

Beyond the Command Line

Overview of Anvil

Meet HCC's cloud, Anvil. Anvil allows users to create cloud-based virtual machines which are ideal for analyses that are not well suited to the traditional Linux command-line environment, such as those which use graphical user interfaces or software that does not run natively in Linux.

Open OnDemand

Open On Demand is a web-based portal that offers "one stop shop" access to the performance of Crane and Rhino through job submission and monitoring tools, Jupyter Notebooks, and interactive desktops.

Introduction to OSG

The Open Science Grid (OSG) is a multi-disciplinary partnership to federate local, regional, community and national cyber infrastructures to meet the needs of research and academic communities at all scales. Learn the differences between high performance computing (HPC) and high thoroughput computing (HTC) and which applications are best suited for each approach.

Please contact us at hcc-support@unl.edu if you have questions or concerns and we will be happy to help!