June Workshop Series 2017

Throughout the month of June, HCC will be offering a series weekly hands-on workshops which will cover topics ideal for individuals new to Holland Resources.

Each workshop is modular in nature, feel free to register for just the sessions whose topics interest you.

Click the title of each workshop for links to workshop materials.

Tuesday afternoon
1 pm to 5 pm

Avery Hall - Room 106

Space is limited - please register to ensure your seat

Attendees will need to bring a laptop.

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June 6th: Introductory Bash

Learn how to navigate in the Linux command line. Topics include the use of pipes, filters, loops, and handling of text files. Lesson materials based on Software Carpentry lessons.

June 13th: Advanced Bash and Git

Learn advanced Bash topics such how to write reusable shell scripts to help automate tasks. We will also be looking at how using the Git version control system can help streamline collaboration and manage revisions. Lesson materials based on Software Carpentry lessons.

June 20th: Introductory HCC

Learn the basics of working with Holland resources. Topics include an overview of HCC offerings, connecting to the clusters, submitting jobs, handling data and tips on how to optimize workflow.

June 27th: All about SLURM

Learn all about the Simple Linux Utility for Resource Management (SLURM), HCC's workload manager (scheduler) and how to select the best options to streamline your jobs.