June Workshop Series 2019

Throughout the month of June, HCC will be offering a series weekly hands-on workshops which will cover topics ideal for individuals new to Holland resources.

Tuesday afternoon
1 pm to 5 pm

Avery Hall
Room 109

Brace Laboratories
Room 105


Attendees will need to bring a laptop. Please ensure you are prepared for each week by completing the setup instructions at the link below.

Setup Instructions

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June 4th: Connecting to HCC Clusters and Introduction to Bash

Learn how to connect to Holland's high performance computing cluster, Crane and how to navigate in the Linux command line with the Bash shell. Topics include the use of pipes, filters, loops, and handling of text files. Lesson materials based on Software Carpentry lessons.

June 11th: Introduction to Bash (cont.) and Revision Control with Git

Continue mastering the Bash shell by learning how to write reusable shell scripts to help automate tasks. We will also be looking at how using version control with Git can help streamline collaboration and manage revisions. Lesson materials based on Software Carpentry lessons.

June 18th: Submitting Jobs and Handling Data on Crane

Learn the basics of working with Holland resources. Topics include an overview of HCC offerings, submitting batch jobs, handling data and tips on how to optimize workflow.