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2018-10-23:  Upcoming removal of $WORK on Tusker
Category:  General Announcement

During the upcoming relocation of the Tusker resource scheduled for early 2019, ALL DATA ON THE $WORK FILE SYSTEM WILL BE LOST. In preparation for the migration, USERS WILL NEED TO MOVE ANY IRREPLACABLE DATA FROM $WORK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AND NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 15TH. After successful completion of the move, data can then be reloaded onto Tusker. In the interim, possible storage solutions would be $COMMON and Attic. $COMMON will allow the convenience of keeping the data accessible from Crane. For additional data security, our extended resource Attic provides a backed up option at a minimal cost. For more information on the relocation, please see the announcement posted in the September release of the Holland newsletter: If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please contact us at so we can assist you.