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2019-01-07:  Crane /work filesystem update
Category:  General Announcement

This announcement concerns the /work filesystem on Crane.

Users should consider /work to be a temporary filesystem, and not rely upon it for critical files.

The /work filesystem suffered multiple disk outages last weekend, resulting in a downtime while the system was recovered. The system was indeed restored to service without data loss, but it is now timely to remind all users that the /work filesystem IS NOT BACKED UP. Users should always plan to move or copy important files to other locations such as Attic, an archival option with many layers of redundancy, including a complete replica (one in Lincoln, one in Omaha). Attic storage costs $25/TB/year.

Alternatively, the filesystem /common may be used. It has a 30 TB group quota and is not purged, but is also not backed up.

Handling data is discussed in general here:

Moving files is described in the following page: