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  • 2019-01-07:  Crane /work filesystem update
    Category:  General Announcement

    This announcement concerns the /work filesystem on Crane.

    Users should consider /work to be a temporary filesystem, and not rely upon it for critical files.

    The /work filesystem suffered multiple disk outages last weekend, resulting in a downtime while the system was recovered. The system was indeed restored to service without data loss, but it is now timely to remind all users that the /work filesystem IS NOT BACKED UP. Users should always plan to move or copy important files to other locations such as Attic, an archival option with many layers of redundancy, including a complete replica (one in Lincoln, one in Omaha). Attic storage costs $25/TB/year.

    Alternatively, the filesystem /common may be used. It has a 30 TB group quota and is not purged, but is also not backed up.

    Handling data is discussed in general here:

    Moving files is described in the following page:

  • 2019-01-06:  Crane: /work filesystem downtime resolved
    Category:  General Announcement

    Crane's /work was restored for production use at 3PM today. A filesystem check was completed with no errors found.

    Please check the status of your jobs if they were running at the time of the failure. These jobs may have experienced I/O errors if they were utilizing files that were backed by the failed storage server. Other running jobs were requeued so the /work filesystem client software could be reloaded on the worker nodes.

  • 2019-01-05:  Crane: /work filesystem unplanned downtime
    Category:  System Failure

    The /work filesystem for Crane is partially unavailable. One of the storage servers has experienced a hardware failure. The storage server will be rebooted and have filesystem checks performed.

    Pending jobs will be held until the maintenance is complete.

    Update 2019-01-05T21:15:00
    Filesystem checks have been postponed to await rebuilding of RAID storage on the failed storage server. The rebuild is ongoing with anticipated completion mid-day, Sunday. At that time filesystems checks will be made. Any interaction with the /work filesystem may hang or return errors at this time.

  • 2018-12-21:  Tusker Retirement approaches
    Category:  General Announcement

    Dear HCC,

    This announcement concerns Tusker only.

    Tusker's retirement is currently planned for February 18, 2019. At that time, all files on the /work filesystem (Tusker only) will be permanently unavailable. Between now and Feb. 18, any files on the Tusker /work filesystem must be moved -- there is no backup. Files on /work on all HCC clusters are not backed up. This includes Tusker, and /work will be removed when Tusker is retired.

    A cluster consisting of components of Tusker and the recently retired Sandhills will be assembled at a later date, but files currently on /work will not be available after February 18. Please plan accordingly.

    HCC supports a new filesystem called /common that has a 30 TB quota per research group. Files from Tusker's /work filesystem may be moved to /common if desired. /common is not purged, is mounted on all HCC clusters, but is not backed up. Files that cannot be lost should be backed up elsewhere. HCC provides a filesystem named Attic for this purpose which costs $25/TB/year.

    Please contact with any questions (answers will be sent after the shutdown).

    I do hope you have a happy holidays.

    Best regards,
    David Swanson, HCC Director

  • 2018-12-21:  HCC operations during the shutdown
    Category:  General Announcement

    In accordance with the NU holiday schedule, HCC staff will be on break from Saturday, December 22, 2018, through Wednesday, January 2, 2019. All HCC resources will continue to be operational during this break. HCC staff will be monitoring the systems to ensure availability through the break.

    HCC User Services staff will be periodically monitoring the ticketing system during the break and will address any system critical issues. Non-critical tickets/issues will be addressed when we return after the winter break on January 3rd, 2019. Please email if you have any questions.

    Happy Holidays!
    David Swanson, HCC Director