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  • 2012-05-29:  Farewell, Merritt
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    Merritt has served the HCC community well for the last several years. It's going off line for good at 12 o'clock noon, May 31st.

    This retirement was announced earlier this month (
    If you need access to data from Merritt, please contact HCC staff

  • 2012-05-03:  Merritt Retired; no further access
    Category:  General Announcement

    Merritt, a shared memory machine from SGI, has suffered a hardware failure that reduces its capability by 50%. Since all of the Tusker nodes have as much RAM space as Merritt in this condition, we are retiring Merritt immediately. If you have a pressing need to access Merritt, please contact asap. We plan to unplug it by May 15, 2012.

    Merritt has been slated for retirement at the next significant hardware failure for some time. That next failure has occurred.

    Data will be backed up elsewhere, and was not lost as a result of this failure. No login is available at this time. If users need access, you must contact HCC immediately ( 2 nodes of tusker have 512 GB RAM; 104 have 256 GB RAM. Sandhills also has a node with 256 GB RAM. HCC staff will be available to help to port code to these other more current resources as needed.

  • 2012-05-01:  PRAIRIEFIRE /work filesystem near full, please delete files ASAP.
    Category:  General Announcement

    The /work filesystem on PRAIRIEFIRE is nearly full. Please delete unwanted files ASAP. If the problem persists we will have to begin deleting files. Thanks.

    The /work filesystem on PRAIRIEFIRE is nearly full. Please delete unwanted files ASAP. Thanks.

  • 2012-04-25:  HCC User Meeting Today, 2:30pm
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    HCC User Meetings start today at 2:30pm at UNL's Gaughan Multicultural Center (Room 202 -- this is just east of the city campus union). Meetings at UNMC (April 27) and PKI (April 30) will follow later this week. An update featuring news about Tusker, NU's newest supercomputer will be followed by tutorials. A reception will be held late afternoon/early evening from 5-7pm at Schorr Center. Please attend any or all sessions, depending upon your interest and availability.

    For further details, please see and follow the links of interest. Activities start at 2:30pm at 202 Gaughan Multicultural Center. Tutorials start at 4pm and will be held in the adjacent City Campus Union at the Colonial Room A&B (Getting Started (A) and Maximizing Access (B)), as well as Nebraska Union 212 (Parallel processing). The reception (5-7pm) at Schorr Center is sponsored by Dell and AMD and features the Peter Bouffard Jazz Trio. Please attend any or all sessions, depending upon your interest and availability.

  • 2012-04-19:  Power Outage affecting Sandhills, PrairieFire, and Red
    Category:  System Failure

    Approximately 9am there was a complete power outage for Schorr Center that also affected machines in the Schorr Center machine room. Merritt is down (as is Red), Sandhills and PrairieFire are up, but jobs running before the outage were terminated. Tusker and Firefly are unaffected.

    A complete power outage affecting all of Schorr Center occurred this morning (4/19/12) at ca. 9am. This outage only lasted a few minutes. Since PrairieFire, SandHills and Merritt are not completely protected by UPS, at least some jobs are expected to have been affected. Merritt remains off line. While PrairieFire and SandHills are online, we ask users to check the status of jobs that may have been running prior to (and during) the outage. Filesystem checks and other initial maintenance is complete. Red was also taken offline by this outage.

    Tusker and Firefly are unaffected and functioning normally. Information on the cause of the outage is unavailable at this time. Further details will be added as they become available.