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Data Carpentry Genomics Workshop @ UNO: January 3-4 This workshop will teach the basics of genomic data analysis including the Linux command line, data preprocessing and variant calling.

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Python Workshop Series @ UNL: January 3-4 & 7-9

Introduction to Business Data Analysis in Python
With guest instructors from the Kansas City Federal Reserve CADRE
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Image Analysis in Python
With guest instructors from the Doane University's DIVAS project
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The Holland Computing Center (HCC) boasts the fastest resources in the state of Nebraska at two locations: the Peter Kiewit Institute (PKI) at Omaha and the Schorr Center at UNL. Personnel based in each location assist users, engage students and researchers, and maintain systems. Crane checks in at 121 TeraFLOPS and is a Top500 Supercomputer. Red, serving the CMS project, stores over 4 petabytes of data. Tusker provides 256 GB of RAM per node for shared memory computing.

HCC provides such services to researchers associated with any campus of the University of Nebraska system. Many are available in a shared manner for free, but dedicated (reserved) arrangements are also available for a modest price.

If you would like more information about the Holland Computing Center or you would like to request a tour of the facility, feel free to contact us.

Avi Knecht| Undergraduate
Steve Kolbe | Faculty
Natasha Pavlovikj | Grad
Berthe Choueiry | Faculty
Diego Jarquin | Post-Doc
Matthew Jockers | Faculty
Rob Stein | Faculty
Runhua Lei | Research Associate

Cluster Status
Crane Available
Red Available
Sandhills Partially Available?
Tusker Available

2018-11-28:  Crane: GPU driver update Wed., Nov 28 @ 9am
The Crane GPU nodes will be unavailable on Wednesday, Nov. 28th starting at 9am to apply GPU driver ...
2018-11-28:  Crane: GPU driver update completed
The GPU driver updates have been successfully completed and the GPU nodes are back in service. **...