Creating SSH key pairs on Mac

To create SSH key pairs on Mac, the built-in Terminal application is used, which is located in the Utilities folder under Applications.

Start Terminal and run the command ssh-keygen -m PEM -f ~/Desktop/anvil_key.  This will create two key files on your Desktop, one public and one private, which can later be moved to whatever location you prefer.

A prompt will appear to enter a passphrase.  Press Enter twice to continue and create the key without a passphrase.

The command will complete and you will see a message saying the files have been created.

There will now be two key files on your Desktop.  The public key is named  This public key will later be added to your Anvil account for SSH access to your instances.  The private key is named anvil_key (no .pub extension).  Treat the private key file the same as you would a password.  Keep your private key in a secure location and do not share it with anyone.