Running Applications

In-depth guides for using applications on HCC resources

On HCC clusters there are many preinstalled software packages and versions available to use. Unlike a traditional laptop or desktop where software is installed globally and always available, HCC resources use a module system to manage installed software to load and unload software packages. Users can load and use pre-installed software by using the module command. Software can be loaded in using module load <module-name>. A more in-depth explaination of the module system is available under Using Preinstalled Software.

Custom software is also able to be run on HCC resources through various methods. Source code can be compiled for use by a user. Software libraries for different languages are able to be used through different packages managers including Anaconda for Python/R, the R command line, an Anaconda environment for Perl modules, or through Apptainer and Docker.

There are multiple in-depth guides available for different software packages and tools, Jupyter Notebooks, various bioinformatics tools, MPI Jobs, and various other tools and software. Examples of different software and submit scripts can be found in HCC’s job-examples git repository.