Connecting to HCC Clusters

How to connect to HCC resources

1. Create an Account: The use of HCC resources requires an HCC account to be created. To create an account, follow the steps in Creating an Account.

2. Open a terminal or SSH client Most interactions with HCC clusters are done through SSH and the command line. In MacOS, Linux, recent versions of Windows 10, and Windows 11 there is an SSH client built-in and can be used from their respective terminals. For older versions of Windows, an application such as PuTTY or MobaXterm is needed.

3. Connect to an HCC cluster: From the terminal or application, use SSH to connect to one of the available clusters. In the terminal, enter ssh <username> to connect to the Swan cluster, for example. With PuTTY or MobaXterm, refer to their respective pages for a guide on how to connect

If you are not familiar with using command line Linux, check out these resources:

Steps 2 and 3 above represent the traditional way of connecting to the HCC clusters. An alternative way to connect is through the HCC OnDemand web portal which provides web-based access to a variety of tools including: virtual desktop, jupyter notebook, login shell, file manager, and job composer.