HCC OSG Workshop, June 2013

Location: Unity Room/212 in the Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center

Time Title Description
9am Intro to HTC Introduction to High Throughput Computing
10:30am Practice Blast Job Run a real science application, Blast, on a Condor based system.
12pm Lunch Lunch is provided.
1pm Workflows Learn how to describe a workflow in DAG format.
2pm Portability Transfer input and output files with the jobs
3pm Big Data Learn how to handle large data in HTC

Password for demo account is ‘OSG@HCC2013’.

  1. Intro to HTC (A)
    1. HTC vs. HPC
    2. Submitting HTC jobs
  2. Practice Blast Job (D)
    1. input files
    2. output files
    3. job monitoring - where to look for problems
    4. Condor clustering?
  3. Dagman (D)
    1. Intro to dagman
    2. Multiple queries and summarize OSG Page
  4. Portability (A)
    1. Compiling for lowest common denominator
    2. Data Requirements
    3. Packaging (wrapper scripts?)
    4. Example:  Running R on the OSG
  5. Big Data (A)
    1. Medium Data 10MB - 500MB - HTTP
    2. Large Data 500MB+ - SRM / GridFTP
    3. Example:  Using HTTP


Materials borrowed from OSG