UNK Linear Algebra, Feb. 28, 2017

If at any time today you have difficulties or become lost, please place the red sticky note on top of your monitor and a helper will be around to assist you.

For these instructions, any commands to be typed into the terminal will be formatted like this.

What is a cluster:

cluster image

(picture courtesy of: http://training.h3abionet.org/technical_workshop_2015/?page_id=403)


To connect to the Crane cluster:

  • insert the Yubikey into the computer’s USB drive. There should be a small green light in the middle of the Yubikey to indicate it is inserted correctly.
  • Open your preferred web browser and navigate to http://go.unl.edu/cranessh
  • Click “Start SSH session to crane.unl.edu”

    The link above is no longer available. If you wish to use a terminal in your browser, Sandstone is an option https://hcc.unl.edu/docs/guides/sandstone/

  • Click the “Terminal: SSH” icon to begin the SSH session
  • Type in the provided Username and Password. Note that the password will not display on screen, but rest assured that even though nothing is being output, your password is being entered as you type.
  • At the “Passcode:” prompt, press your finger to the gold circle in the middle of the Yubikey until a string of characters appears on screen.
  • If you logged in successfully, your screen should look similar to the one belo

Linux Commands Reference List:


To run MATLAB interactively:

  • After logging into the cluster, navigate to your $WORK directory:

    • cd $WORK
  • Request an interactive job:

    • srun –reservation=unk –mem=4096 –pty $SHELL
  • Load the MATLAB module:

    • module load matlab
  • Run MATLAB:

    • matlab

To access the MATLAB Tutorial: