NRDStor has two current methods of access, directly on Swan similar to the existing filesystems and through the Samba protocol on a laptop, desktop, or workstation connected to an NU network.

From Swan

You can access your NRDStor directory quickly using the $NRDSTOR environmental variable (i.e. ‘cd $NRDSTOR’)

Unlike the /home, /work, and /common filesystems that are prefixed by their name and use the notation of /filesystem/groupname/username, NRDStor uses /mnt/nrdstor/groupname/username.

For example, for an account with the username of “hccdemo” and a group of “demo”, the locations of this account’s directories:

Home    - /home/demo/hccdemo
Work    - /work/demo/hccdemo
Common  - /common/demo/hccdemo
NRDStor - /mnt/nrdstor/demo/hccdemo

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